KIND OF PAPER: paper sized and treated for wet resistance.

MAIN USE: packaging and wrapping of solid, pasty, humid and dried food.

MAIN FEATURES: packaging that guarantees an excellent wrapping and is particularly suitable to satisfy conservation requirements, guarantee of the wrapping, hygienical protection of food and safety of its organoleptic features.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: due raw materials used  (pure pulp fibres), total absebce of recycled materials, and the specific manufacturing procedures adopted in compliance with Reg. (EC) n. 2023/2006, this paper has:
-compliance certificate for foodstuffs contact - DM 21.03.1973, Reg. (EC) n. 1935/2004 , Reg. (EU) n. 10/2011;
- absence of optical whitening substances (OBA free);
good mechanical resistance that guarantees an excellent machinability;
good wet resistance that guarantees an excellent packaging for humid foodstuffs wrap;
- superficial features and absorbency level are suitable to good quality printing;
- optical features (color, shade of white, opacity and translucency) confer to this product an agreeable aspect;
- a considerable dimensional stability;
- an appropriate level of rigidity that guarantees an optimal feasibility of the packaging.
Our logo trademark characterizes unequivocally this top high quality paper with guarantee of originality, traceability and information to consumer in compliance with law dispositions in force.
This paper is available in different sizes and packaging.