UTILIZATION: it can be used as pratical wrapper that avoids the direct contact with oily foodstuffs and guarantees in the meantime, the hygienical protection of food and safety of its organoleptic features.

MAIN FEATURES: the wrapping has a straw colour and its internal polyethilene layer protects against grease.

COMPOSITION: paper produced using fibres of pure pulp coming from forests where is applied a sustainable management. In the manufacturing paper processes’ we don’t use chlorine or recycled materials. The polyethilene used is virgin supplied by leader companies and it’s certified for foodstuffs contact.

The product is in compliance with the following laws:
- Procedure EC n. 1935 of 27/10/2004;
- Ministeria Decree 21/03/1973;
- Procedure EU 10/201;
- Procedure EC n. 2023/2006;
- DPR. 777/82 and subsequent revisions and amendments.